Deploying our capital in growth ventures and large-scale real estate, seeking exceptional returns
Commitment to personal involvement
Collaboration through strategic and impactful partnerships
Cultivating success across diverse founder journeys
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Real Estate

Hemispheres, TI Capital’s real estate portfolio,

spans from the shores of the Big Island of Hawaii to the coastline of California and throughout the Western United States.

Our leadership identifies various prime real estate opportunities

From residential properties for sale to multi-family units, commercial spaces, and hospitality ventures, among others

Private Capital Partnerships

TI Capital strategically partners with some of the

world’s most respected financial sponsors to seize unique opportunities that might otherwise be inaccessible.

We invest across GP, LP, and co-invest vehicles with flexible capital agnostic to stage of business, most notably Capra Ibex Advisors and Qbit Capital

From power generation plants to train lines and consumer supply chains

Direct Investments

TI Capital’s direct investments encompass

venture capital, growth equity, private credit, and special situations, all aimed at driving growth and creating value for its partners.

We identify proprietary investment opportunities through deep industry relationships

Covering broad technology, mobility, fintech, consumer, and energy

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